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Manufacturer: CAS
Power: Питание от батарейки
Operating temperature min: -10 °С
Operating temperature max: +40 °С
Weight: 1.50 kg
Dimensions(W, D, H): 239x227x66 sm
Load try dimensions (W, D): 220x150 sm
Capacity: 3.00 kg
Tare max: 3.00 kg

Price: €170,00 Hind sisaldab 22% käibemaksu.


- Stainless-steel body case
- Battery operation in long time(Max hours)
- Large stainless steel tray for multiple usage
- Resolution (1/2,000~1/2,500 & 1/4,000~1/5,000)
- Verious weighing units are convertible(g,kg,lb,oz)

Teh. specification:

  • Auto zero, Tare function
  • Auto power-off function
  • HOLD
  • 25mm large and high legible LCD display
  • waterresistant keyboard