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Manufacturer: TScale
Power: Питание от сети и от аккумулятора
Battery Life 70 h
Operating temperature min: -10 °С
Operating temperature max: +40 °С
Dimensions(W, D, H): 425x675x915 sm
Load try dimensions (W, D): 420x540 sm

Price: €320,00 Hind sisaldab 22% käibemaksu.
Max, kg15060/150
e=d=, g5020/50
Tare max, kg149.95149.95


Model MCW
Display 50mm LCD display, with white color LED backlight
Operate temp 0℃~+40℃
ADC sigma delta
ADC update ≤1/10 second
Max. Divisions 30,000d
Keyboard 7 keys
Power AC adapter (12V/500mA); rechargeable battery (6V/4Ah)
Housing ABS plastic
Load cell excitation voltage 5V/150mA
Load cell (max) 4 x 350ohms

Teh. specification:

  • For legal trade. III class
  • Auto zero, Tare function
  • 25mm large and high legible LCD display
  • waterresistant keyboard